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‘Became Square-Shaped!’ – Woman Stunned By The Massive Landscape Change Due To Development

Anyone noticed this as well?
An Ipoh native, travelling along the North-South Highway after a long absence, was shocked to discover that a familiar mountain near her hometown now appeared squared off and missing its peak.

In the post published on the Facebook page 一个努力抗癌的小姐姐, the netizen explained that although she was previously accustomed to train travel, she opted to drive using her brother’s car this time and was struck by the significant alteration in the landscape.

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Ipoh mountain flatten
Photo courtesy of 一个努力抗癌的小姐姐

The mountain became square?

Speaking to WeirdKaya, she revealed that as she has been fighting breast cancer for the past year, she mostly took the train to travel back to her hometown.

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The last time she traveled home by vehicle was in April of last year.

She wrote that she remembered the landscape once featuring lush, rolling hills, which prompted concerns about the effects of development on natural beauty.

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“Why has this mountain turned square?” She questioned.

She also questioned, “Will the mountain vanish from the world in a few years?”

Striking a balance

In the post, she shared that amidst her battle with cancer, she has gained insight into the concept of “environmental hormones” and their significant influence on human health and the environment.

She learned that everything, both inside and outside the body, needs to be balanced.

From the food you eat to the pursuits in life, everyone needs to maintain balance.

“If you eat too much of something, your body will become unhealthy; similarly, if you obsessively pursue something, your life will be unhealthy.”

She then suggests the need to strike a balance in human development, and if development loses its balance, the earth will also become unhealthy.

“Because everything is closely connected, we should be more aware.”

In reply to the comment

As her post gained traction online, many netizens commented and shared their thoughts.

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Many agreed that the landscape has changed a lot, largely due to development, and it could seem concerning at times.

However, there were also comments pointing out that all our conveniences and technology stem from development, thus we should not be too judgmental when it comes to these topics.

In response to these comments, she shared that the point of her post was merely to reflect on seeing the flattened Ipoh mountain.

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She thinks that the problem is not development itself, but the potential imbalance it creates.

“If we do not carefully plan our steps, we might destroy the environment and face worse consequences.”

People who care

She shared with WeirdKaya that she had visited an art exhibition about the development of Ipoh Hill.

“There are people who truly care about the mountain and have been creating awareness around it,” she said.

Ipoh hill developemnt art
Photo courtesy of 一个努力抗癌的小姐姐
Ipoh hill development awareness
Photo courtesy of 一个努力抗癌的小姐姐

She added that people have noticed the issues surrounding the development of the mountains in Ipoh for quite some time now.

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She shared that she was stunned when she witnessed the mountain being squared off with her own eyes.

“I hope that we can still see the mountain around my hometown of Ipoh in the future, as it was known as the mountain city.”

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