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BDS Malaysia: KFC Has Never Been In Our Boycott List

"We have NEVER campaigned for Malaysians to boycott KFC from the past until now."
In a recent statement, Professor Nazari Ismail, the Chairman of the Malaysian branch of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, clarified the organisation’s stance regarding the popular fast-food chain, KFC.

There has been some confusion among the public about whether KFC is included in the BDS boycott list.

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KFC not on the boycott list

Kfc branch
Photo via WeirdKaya

Professor Nazari emphasised that KFC has never been a target of BDS Malaysia’s boycott campaigns.

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For your information, KFC has NEVER been included in the BDS Malaysia boycott list. We have NEVER campaigned for Malaysians to boycott KFC from the past until now,” he stated unequivocally.

This clarification comes as a response to rumours and misunderstandings circulating among consumers.

The McDonald’s case

Contrastingly, McDonald’s has found itself on the BDS boycott list due to actions taken by its branches in Israel. Professor Nazari explained that McDonald’s was not initially targeted.

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However, “McDonald’s had to be included in the list when branches in Israel provided free food to the Zionist Israeli soldiers. The whole world was angry at McDonald’s for this action, which was not stopped by McDonald’s Corporation,” he noted.

This act of support for Israeli military actions prompted widespread backlash and led to the inclusion of McDonald’s in the boycott.

KFC’s stance

Prof nazri  - bds malaysia chairman
Photo via Fb/BDS Malaysia

The statement highlighted that KFC has not engaged in similar actions and thus remains off the BDS boycott list.

Thankfully, KFC has never taken such actions, and thus does not need to be included in the boycott list,” said Professor Nazari.

This distinction is crucial for consumers who are conscientious about their spending in relation to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Despite the clear stance from BDS Malaysia, Professor Nazari acknowledged that some customers have their own reasons for avoiding KFC.

I have found that there are customers who complain and refuse to buy anymore because it’s expensive and not because of the Palestine issue,” he observed.

This indicates that economic factors, rather than political ones, are influencing some consumer decisions regarding KFC.

Customers can make informed decisions accordingly

Kfc meal
Photo via WeirdKaya

Professor Nazari Ismail’s statement provides much-needed clarity on BDS Malaysia’s position regarding KFC.

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While McDonald’s actions have led to its inclusion in the boycott list, KFC remains unaffected due to its lack of involvement in controversial activities related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Consumers now have a clearer understanding of the reasons behind BDS Malaysia’s boycott targets and can make informed decisions accordingly.

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