Barrier Meant To Keep Tourists Away From Popular Mount Fuji Photo Spot Has Holes Just 1 Week Later

While some clever tourists are already finding loopholes—literally!
Mount Fuji’s popular photo spot near LAWSON finally has the mesh barrier up, and we can officially say goodbye to the aesthetic photo spot.

In April, the Yamanashi Prefecture government decided to put up a 2.5-meter-high and 20-meter-wide black screen around the LAWSON to address issues like littering, jaywalking, and traffic congestion caused by tourists.

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Now, as of May 21st, the screen is fully installed.

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The screen completely blocks the view, so unless you’re about 250 cm tall, you won’t be able to take photos of Mount Fuji from that angle anymore.

Barrier meant to keep tourists away from popular mount fuji photo spot has holes just 1 week later | weirdkaya
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But, some still insist on taking one through a hole

Some resourceful tourists have already found a way around it.

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Recently, some individuals dug a hole in the screen to get their shots.

This viral photo showing how one tourist managed to capture Mount Fuji through a small hole in the screen.


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