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Stuck in the past? Netizens annoyed by Annuar Musa’s celebration of 5G’s arrival by streaming 1080p YouTube videos

Netizens also complained of slow speeds in urbanised areas.
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PUTRAJAYA – Minister of Communications and Multimedia Tan Sri Annuar Musa drew online flak with his Tweet promoting the advent of 5G technology in Malaysia.

In the Tweet, he posted several pictures showing a 5G speed test recording a download speed of 1000Mpbs and boasted about being able to stream 1080p YouTube videos smoothly.

Speed test results for 5G – 1,000Mbps! Imagine watching YouTube 1080p smoothly. This is our near future. Are you ready for #5G, #KeluargaMalaysia?

Photo via Twitter/ @AnnuarMusa

Impressed? Nope!

Netizens did not quite share Annuar’s excitement, with some noting that several parts of Malaysia were still experiencing slow Internet connection.

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One complained how he was paying for Unifi with 100Mpbs but had to put up with its sloth-like speed.

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Photo via Twitter/ @AnnuarMusa

Another wrote, “He is talking abt 1080 HD when the world has gone into 4k HDR plus 8k on the way…shows the competency of our dear ministers.”

Another noted that the funds allocated for developing 5G technology should be utilised for sectors who need it more such as the healthcare and manufacturing industry.

Photo via Twitter/ @AnnuarMusa

Others also called upon Annuar to solve the current 4G problems before undertaking another mega project.

Photo via Twitter/ @AnnuarMusa

It’s just the least to expect’

In a separate Tweet, Annuar clarified that streaming high-quality videos was just an example of the bare minimum one could enjoy with 5G technology.

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“Think about the superior performance in VR, AR, MR & IoT. The possibilities are endless. Our imagination is the only limit,” he wrote.

However, things aren’t looking well for the government’s 5G rollout plan following a Reuters article, which reported that none of the mobile carriers in Malaysia are willing to adopt 5G just yet, citing transparency and pricing issues.

What about you? Are you ready for Malaysia’s 5G era or do you think it should be delayed?

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Cover image via Twitter/ @AnnuarMusa

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