Angry Myvi Driver Rams Car Into Fellow Driver After A Verbal Argument

Thankfully, no injuries were reported.
Police are looking for a Myvi driver who was filmed on camera ramming his car into another driver following a verbal altercation.

Rams Myvi into fellow driver

In the 20-second clip posted to the Facebook group Info Lalu Lintas Sabah, it showed a Myvi and Bezza driver arguing and shouting at each other.

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The Myvi driver then proceeds to ram his car into the Bezza, angering the latter even more.

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Wanting to square off with the Myvi driver, the Bezza driver stepped out of the vehicle while holding a bolt cutter and challenged his opponent to come at him.

However, he never had a chance to use the weapon as the Myvi driver suddenly drove the car towards him, forcing him to get out of its way.

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Watch the clip here:

Suspect wanted by police

Berita Harian reported that police are now on the lookout for the Myvi driver after receiving a police report over the incident.

Tuaran district police chief Deputy Superintendent Noraidin Ag Maidin said the fight took place at Jalan Berungis near Hospital Tuaran.

“Police from the Tuaran IPD will be tracking down additional suspects to get their statements. We also urge the public not to speculate or spread false info about the case,” he said.


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