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‘So Freaking Tall!’ — Angmoh Woman Shocked To See Christmas Tree Bigger Than Those In The US At KL Mall

'M'sia woke up and chose violence against the US!'
With less than three weeks away from Christmas, shopping malls across Malaysia are gearing up for the festive season by adorning the premises with colourful and shiny decorations.

As it is per Malaysian tradition, such festive occasions tend to be celebrated at a large scale, so much so that it totally floored a woman from the US.

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Christmas decor at mid valley mall in kl
Photo by WeirdKaya

Shocked to see Christmas tree bigger than those in the US

In a 1-minute clip shared by @lilithinkl on TikTok, she expressed amazement at how grand the Christmas decorations were at Suria KLCC.

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Malaysia, how is it possible that you go harder on Christmas than my home country that has 63% of a Christian population, versus Malaysia which is only about 9% (of its) population?!

“And y’all go hard…bro, like Malaysia boleh! Especially the malls, dude!” she exclaimed.

Us woman amazed by christmas decorations at kl mall
Screenshot via TikTok/@lilithinkl

As Lilith continued to stroll inside Suria KLCC, giant Christmas decorations such as a gingerbread house and clock tower could be seen in the background, something which she said she has never seen back in the US.

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She also jokingly said that Malaysia “woke up and chose violence against the US” with its Christmas decoration.

Lilith then showed viewers the iconic Christmas tree set up at the mall and claimed that she had never seen one this “freaking tall”.

Us woman shows giant christmas tree at suria klcc
Screenshot via TikTok/@lilithinkl

I mean, just look at this tree! I’ve never seen a tree this freaking tall. Maybe in New York but I don’t know…I’ve never been to New York for Christmas. Walao eh!

Go big or go home

In a short conversation with WeirdKaya, Lilith said she was amazed by the scale Malaysian malls had when it came to decorating for Christmas compared to the US.

“In the US, I’d say it’s more of a personal choice to decorate so usually people would decorate their houses but businesses may or may not go all out. However, the malls don’t go as hard as Malaysia’s.

Us woman with christmas clock tower behind her
Screenshot via TikTok/@lilithinkl

“They (Malaysian malls) could have put some simple Christmas lights but they chose to put up actual buildings inside of a building,” she added.

Netizens agree

The clip, which has garnered more than 925,000 views so far, saw hundreds of comments from netizens who weren’t too surprised to see the grandeur of the mall’s Christmas decorations.

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One joked: ‘We go hard for everything except for work.’

'so freaking tall! ' — angmoh woman shocked to see christmas tree bigger than those in the us at kl mall | weirdkaya
Screenshot via TikTok/@lilithinkl

Another said that Malaysians in general love to celebrate all kinds of festivals as it allows them to enjoy shopping discounts.

'so freaking tall! ' — angmoh woman shocked to see christmas tree bigger than those in the us at kl mall comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@lilithinkl

As for this netizen, he wrote that malls will immediately replace the decoration with those for Chinese New Year just a day after Christmas.

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'so freaking tall! ' — angmoh woman shocked to see christmas tree bigger than those in the us at kl mall comment 3
Screenshot via TikTok/@lilithinkl

Watch the video here:

@lilithinkl How is it that Malaysians go harder on Christmas than Americans do??? 🤣🤣🤣🎄🎄🎄 ##christmasmalaysia##malaysiachristmas##kualalumpur##malaysia##malaysianmall##klmall ♬ original sound – Lilith

Do you agree with Lilith’s reaction towards the Christmas decoration at Malaysian malls? Let us know in the comments!


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