“Whose Idea Was This?”- M’sian Confused By Lamp Post Built Right In The Middle Of The Road In Sarawak

A design plan go terribly wrong?

Is this a prank, or an architectural masterpiece gone wrong? A resident from Sarawak’s Belaga district posted on Facebook about an odd sight: a lone lamp post oddly placed right in the center of a village road’s bend.

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The Kuching resident wasn’t shy about expressing his disbelief, labeling it as “utterly ridiculous.”

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Photo from Facebook

He lamented, “Usually, you see pranks happening to others. This time, I saw it firsthand.”

The road had recently been repaved, but now, instead of showcasing a smooth surface, it’s drawing attention for all the wrong reasons – that lone lamp post.

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His post quickly caught traction, with many nearby residents chiming in, claiming they’ve nearly collided with the obstructive pole.

In response to the potential hazard, local police have taken precautions, sealing off half the road with yellow tape to minimize the risk of accidents.

Many netizens were amused by the odd sight, saying that it was meant to be there to test drivers’ attention while they were driving.


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