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American Singer Alexander 23 Says He Would Pick M’sian Food Over American Food

And he loves durian too!
In a lively interview with WeirdKaya, American singer-songwriter Alexander 23 expressed his surprising love for Malaysian cuisine, declaring it his favourite over American food.

Alexander, known for hits like “IDK You Yet,” revealed that his new song “Brown Eyed Baby” was inspired by a real-life brown-eyed girl.

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When it comes to exploring new places, Alexander is all about diving into local experiences, especially the food.

In a fun rapid-fire round, Alexander was asked to choose between various options. When faced with the choice of Malaysian food or American food, he confidently picked Malaysian food.

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He also expressed his preference for chopsticks over forks and spoons, chose love over money, and even shared that he loves durian, the infamous Southeast Asian fruit known for its strong aroma and unique taste.

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Currently on his “American Boy in Asia” tour, Alexander 23 will be performing in Kuala Lumpur on June 13.


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