8yo M’sian Boy With Leukemia Fulfills Dream To Ride In Lamborghini Thanks To Generous Netizen

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In a heartfelt plea on Facebook, a Malaysian mother sought the community’s help to locate a yellow Lamborghini owner to fulfill her leukemia-afflicted son’s dream of riding in the supercar.

The request went viral on the Facebook page “Orang Wangsamaju”, capturing widespread attention.

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The mother, inspired by her son’s fascination, shared a photo of the Lamborghini spotted on Merati Garden Road near Kuala Lumpur on April 18.

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Her 8-year-old son’s unwavering interest in supercars led her to ask the public for help, expressing that even a photograph next to the car would be a cherished moment for her child.

Kind netizen helps to connect the family to the owner

The power of social media came through when a netizen, @mikaelhidayat, posted a TikTok video recounting how he connected the family with the Lamborghini owner.

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The owner, moved by the story of the child’s health challenges and passion for supercars, agreed to meet.

During the meetup, the owner was deeply touched, especially after learning one of the mother’s two sons was battling leukemia and undergoing treatment at Kuala Lumpur Central Hospital.

The encounter ended with a joyous ride around the neighborhood, complete with honking and laughter, fulfilling a little boy’s grand wish.

The story culminated in a touching farewell, with the children reluctantly waving goodbye to the generous car owner, who was visibly moved by the experience.


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