80yo M’sian Woman Left With Only RM19 In Savings Despite Not Using Online Banking

Where can we keep our money now?

For the past several months, we have heard countless stories of people who had their bank account completely emptied out by scammers whenever an online transaction is made.

For this 80-year-old woman however, she was stunned to see only RM19 in her bank account despite not using online banking at all.

Left with only RM19

Her son, Azleen Abdul Rahim, wrote on Twitter detailing how it happened.

It has since attracted much attention as more Malaysians began sharing how they lost their savings without their knowledge.

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In the tweet, Azleen said that although his mother had a debit card linked to her bank account, it was mainly used for cash withdrawals.

She also had no electronic banking arrangement, e-wallet or online shopping platform connected to the account.

As such, both she and Azleen were shocked to find that her five-figure deposit dropped to RM19 in it when she went to withdraw money a few days ago.

He also said that his mother didn’t receive any notification beforehand.

Bank tries to help

When Azleen consulted the bank over the incident, he was told that there were several online transactions that were made even though his mother never used online banking.

After we asked customer service, we learned that my mother’s deposit was transferred through online transactions. My mother’s bank account was not set up with e-banking, nor was it bound to e-banking or other online trading platforms, and she had never received any bank SMS notification.

The bank also revealed that there were some unauthorised transactions for e-wallets and online shopping.

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Despite the unfortunate encounter, Azleen thanked the bank for giving assistance.

Not the only one

Following Azleen’s tweet, many netizens have shared their own similar experiences.

They have also offered various theories as to how one’s entire savings was siphoned without prior warning.

Some speculated that someone might have set up online banking for the account without Azleen or his mother’s knowledge.

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They also deduced that if it was an online transaction, someone may have opened up her account for electronic banking in order to get the TAC code.

Others opined that anyone could easily set up an electronic bank, update the mobile phone number on the ATM, and receive the TAC code for an online transfer if they landed their hands on the woman’s debit card and PIN code.

Azleen later said that he had gotten in touch with the bank for further action and will be lodging a report to the National Scam Response Centre (NSRC) for an investigation into the matter.

Please contact the National Scam Response Centre (NSRC) at 997 (8am-8pm daily) or the bank authorities if you ever encounter unauthorized cash transactions from your account!


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