7yo M’sian Boy Sells Popsicles To Earn Pocket Money & Experience 

Following footsteps of his mother.

Despite being only seven years old, Muhammad Irfan Taib, the youngest of three siblings, has taken an entrepreneurial path by selling popsicles in front of his house.

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The boy from Kampung Paya Datu, Manir, Terengganu, started this not only from a desire to earn pocket money but also to experience earning a living through business, like his mother, Nor Hafizah Abdullah.

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7yo m'sian boy sells popsicles
Photo via Harian Metro

According to Harian Metro, Muhammad Irfan’s venture began after observing his mother’s business activities.

I have followed my mother several times to sell, and from there, I became interested in selling like her. So, I asked my mother to prepare popsicles for me to sell,” he explained

During the school holidays in May, Muhammad Irfan started selling various flavours of popsicles for 50 cents each outside his home.

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The 7-year-old found joy in his customers’ purchases, stating, “It was fun when people bought what I sold. From there, I learned how hard it is to earn money, making me more frugal when spending.”

Friend buying ice pop from 7yo boy
Photo via YT/ Harian Metro

Nor Hafizah, the mother of the young entrepreneur, shared that neither she nor her husband ever forced their son into this venture. Instead, it was Muhammad Irfan’s own initiative after accompanying her to sell popsicles at Batu 6.

At first, I thought he was joking, but after he earnestly asked me to prepare the popsicles, I complied with his request by making the popsicles and setting up a sales table in front of the house,” Nor Hafizah said.

She emphasized that their approach is not to manipulate their children for profit but to expose them to the business world, helping them understand concepts like capital turnover and training skills in counting and communication.

Nor Hafizah also highlighted that her son’s business hours are flexible and dependent on his schedule. “We do not set business hours; if his friends invite him to play, the shop will close.

As parents, my husband and I do not discourage our son’s interest as long as he does not neglect his studies. What he is doing now is a learning process,” she added.

This young entrepreneur’s initiative reflects the blend of childhood curiosity and early business acumen, fostering a practical learning experience while embracing the joys of childhood.

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