Anwar Proposes Bringing S’porean Teachers To M’sia To Teach English

This was discussed during the Singapore PM's visit to Malaysia.
As we all know, Singapore Prime Minister Lawrence Wong visited Malaysia from June 11 to June 12 for a two-day working visit.

With this visit, he and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim discussed efforts to strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation between the two countries.

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After their bilateral meeting, Anwar revealed that he and Wong had explored the possibility of bringing Singaporean teachers to work in Malaysia.

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Anwar proposes bringing s'porean teachers to m'sia to teach english | weirdkaya
Photo via Malay Mail.

According to Malay Mail, Anwar noted that, in addition to addressing pre-planned official matters, the personal connection between the two leaders was a significant part of their discussion.

Anwar said, “We covered essential topics like water issues, the Flight Information Region Agreement (FIR), and maritime borders, all of which will be resolved in time.”

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“Beyond these, I suggested that Singapore send teachers to Malaysia to teach English or other subjects, giving young graduates the freedom to choose where they work,” he stated during a press conference after their bilateral meeting.

He also expressed his delight with Wong’s positive response to the proposal, highlighting the importance of prime ministers making decisions beyond prepared agendas.

In addition, Wong thanked Anwar for the invitation to Malaysia and emphasised the value of establishing a strong working relationship.

“I thought it was important to come early and build a good rapport, which we have achieved today over a lovely meal and durians for dessert,” Wong said.

This marked Wong’s first visit to Malaysia as the Prime Minister of Singapore since being sworn in on May 15.


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