75yo Indonesian Man Marries 15yo Girl With Her Family’s Blessing

60-year age gap.
Many often say ‘Age is just a number’ when it comes to relationships or marriages, and for this couple in Indonesia, this phrase certainly described their situation aptly.

This comes after a viral clip showed the couple celebrating their wedding with a handful of guests and revealed the enormous age gap between them.

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75yo Indonesian man marries 15yo girl in elaborate wedding ceremony

According to a clip shared on Instagram by an account named Abouthetic on June 30, it showed an elderly man dressed in Javanese attire and posing for a photo next to his bride, who looked way younger than he was.

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75yo indonesian man marries 15yo
Screenshot via Instagram/@abouthetic

According to the post’s caption, the bridegroom was 60 years older than the bride, a figure which raised eyebrows among netizens.

It was later reported by Tribunnews that the wedding took place at a village in the province of Riau on June 29. It also revealed another shocking twist: the man, who’s 75-years-old, actually has a grandchild who’s the same age as his soon-to-be bride.

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Union reportedly approved by family and authorities

Under Indonesian law, girls must reach the minimum age of 19 years old before they are considered of legal age to marry.

Indonesian man sits beside 15yo bride
Screenshot via Instagram/@abouthetic

In this couple’s case, Tribunnews reported that the local village head confirmed that the wedding had received the approval of both the man’s and girl’s family.

They also reportedly approached the local authorities to seek permission for the wedding to go ahead, given the bride’s status as a minor.

Aside from that, they also attended a court hearing and finally got the green light from the authorities to tie the knot and live together.

However, it’s not known how the couple got to know each other or the reason why they decided to marry.

Back in March, a man in Sarawak surprised many with photos of him marrying two women at the same time:

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