7 items Malaysians confirm will bring on cuti-cuti Malaysia

#Cuti-cuti time to claim annual leave!

Malaysia has been in and out of MCO since March last year. That is more than 500 days of dust on your luggage and we are here to help you refresh your memories, on how to pack like a Malaysian on cuti-cuti.

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After you dust off your luggage.

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A national practice

Packing is an annoying chore. It is like your mom asking you to wash the dishes while you’re on the way to wash the dishes.

Thinking about it is fun, less so when you have to actually do it.

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Fortunately, by some undiscovered force in the universe, Malaysians have found a national way to pack that help get things started. There are items that we put in our luggage without thinking.

7 items malaysians confirm will bring on cuti-cuti malaysia | weirdkaya

I know you’re thinking about them as you read, and by the end of this article you and I can both successfully tell foreigners the pride of our telepathic powers when it comes to packing for cuti-cuti in Malaysia.

The backpack

First thing first, the backpack must have a water bottle.

Although Malaysia does not have drinkable tap water, we meticulously boil everything. We simply do not leave the house without a bottle, period.

Next, a jacket or hoodie.

This is true even when we’re going to the beach. However, it is not as unreasonable as others might think because there are things that Malaysians know too well.

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Our shopping mall air-cond is reason enough. Outerwear is sometimes also a fashion requirement for Instagrammable pictures (as illustrated). 

Not to mention the jacket worn in reverse for maximum sleep comfort on flights.

Some of us, including me, brings a laptop. Because we actually value the portability of lightweight but high power computing machine.

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No more 2+KG laptops, we’re not high school kids.

Infinix inbook x1 is a 14 inch lightweight laptop with only 1. 48kg total.
Infinix INBOOK X1

Infinix INBOOK X1 is a 14″ lightweight everyday laptop. With 13-hour battery life, and an hour of charge to 70%, this machine is ideal for travelling, and more.

The base model has the Intel i3 processor with 256GB of storage and 8GB RAM.

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Configurable to Intel i5, 512GB of storage and a whopping 16GB RAM for the amazing price of RM2,399.

If you want even more power from the Intel i5 model, INBOOK X1 Pro has the higher-end Intel i7 processor at only RM2,999!

Laptops are extremely useful during vacation, especially for hotel and flight bookings.

More importantly, that HDMI port to connect to the hotel TV so you don’t have to pay for their selection.

Infinix inbook x1 starts at rm2,499 with all the ports you could ever need. Micro sd, audio/mic jack, usb 2. 0, usb3. 0, dc charging, hdmi1. 5, usb c.
Infinix INBOOK X1

The luggage

Wherever you’re going for cuti-cuti Malaysia, there should be towels provided. But nothing beats the towel from home. Especially those that mom bought from pasar pagi from the auntie with the parked van.

7 items malaysians confirm will bring on cuti-cuti malaysia

Another thing Malaysians always pack is a plastic bag or recycle bag. 

They are used to separate the clean and dirty clothes. For maximum organisation, the plastic bags are folded into neat triangles. 

Malaysians will fold their plastic bags intro neat triangles when going cuti-cuti malaysia.

These neat triangles are also very useful for keeping the extra shoes or slippers that we’d bring.

Last but not least, one must not forget the midnight indulgence- cup noodles.

Cup noodles is a stapler because we will not pay overpriced cup noodles from convenience store, nor can we bother with utensils.

Cup noodles is a convenient supper when malaysians go on cuti-cuti malaysia.

Honourable mention

With 90% national vaccination rate, Malaysians can finally see the end of the pandemic.

There may still be some time before we can truly leave the horrors of the past two years behind, but we should not let it stop us from living.

And documenting every moment, because if no pictures, no proof.

Nobody leaves the house without a phone, let alone go travelling without a phone.

Zero XNEO is a full day mobile phone. The machine stands at 14 hours gaming, 23 hours video playing and 44 hours calling.

Infinix zero x neo comes in 3 finishes, nebula black, starry silver and bahamas blue. The price starts at rm899.
Infinix Zero X NEO comes in 3 finishes, Nebula Black, Starry Silver and Bahamas Blue

It will live up to 39 days on stand by, but why-ever would you leave such a machine on stand by, we don’t know.

The battery life makes the travelling backpack neater without the power banks and cables.

We care about not needing to charge when the light is just right on our face for our Instagram.

The insane camera

Infinix Zero XNEO has a 48 megapixels super night camera and 5x optical zoom that allows you to capture breathtaking clear images, from afar.

Furthermore, amongst its feature, Moonshot allows up to 60X periscope zoom.

I bet you didn’t even know what to look for in the first photo!

The periscope works even in the dead of night. Like its name, the feature was actually intended to allow photos of the moon with accuracy instead of just a glowing white dot.

Be cautious to not use this powerful 60x periscope zoom on your friends’ faces okay, we will not be responsible for any loss of friends. *tag us*

Other than photos, the Zero XNEO also feature a 960fps slow-motion video and 4K time-lapse. We feel like some slow jazz music will suit this video nicely.

Infinix Zero XNEO slow-motion video at 240fps

The Zero XNEO that comes with a full-day battery life, high quality camera, 128GB storage and 8GB RAM costs only RM899 on Infinix AIOT Official Store.

Get yours now on Shopee so you can show off your #Cuti-cuti plans properly!

How Malaysian were you?

Recap: here’s a list of things we mentioned that Malaysians confirm will bring, how many did you score?

If you failed… Don’t fret! Feel free to add more in the comments section below!

  1. Water bottle
  2. Jacket, hoodie or any outerwear
  3. Lightweight laptop
  4. Towels
  5. Extra plastic bag
  6. Slippers
  7. Cup noodles

We can’t wait for you to share your cuti-cuti pictures with us! Happy travelling and stay safe!

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Cover Images via WeirdKaya

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