58yo M’sian Man Dies After Fainting & Falling Face First Into A Wok Of Boiling Oil

The locals know him for his excellent culinary skills and kind heart towards animals

In a tragic incident that occurred in Kuala Kangsar, a locally renowned chicken chop vendor met a horrific end while working at his stall.

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The individual, known for always wearing a vest and wooden clogs which had become his signature appearance, suddenly fainted and fell face-first into a pot of boiling oil, according to Sin Chew Daily.

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The fatal accident happened around 1 pm at the bustling Jingcheng Kuala Kangsar Food Centre, situated in a back alley of the main street.

58yo m'sian man dies after fainting & falling face first into a wok of boiling oil | weirdkaya
Photo from Sin Chew Daily

The vendor, a 58-year-old man, lived near SJK(C) Tsung Wah, beyond a bridge.

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Despite being found with a faint breath and immediately rushed to the Kuala Kangsar hospital with severe burns on his face, chest, and back, the vendor sadly passed away at 2:21 pm.

The late vendor’s elder brother, a self-employed individual, spoke to Sin Chew Daily reporters about rushing back from Shah Alam in Selangor upon receiving news of the accident to handle his brother’s funeral arrangements.

He disclosed that his younger brother had been living with high blood pressure. Despite advising him to take more breaks and look after his health, the late vendor could not find the time to rest, constantly occupied by his thriving chicken chop business that he held dearly.

An animal lover

The vendor was known for his kind-hearted nature and love for animals, sheltering 10 stray dogs at home and spending over rm2000 monthly on their food alone.

Every day before opening his stall, he cooked a large pot of rice and even bought large slices of Ikan Tenggiri as the main course for the stray cats and dogs in the area, feeding them while walking to his stall.

The manager of the food centre, remembered the vendor as a cheerful person whose reasonably priced chicken chop, selling at about 10 MYR per plate, was famous not just locally but also attracted patrons from other regions.

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Another vendor at the food centre, noted the vendor’s compassion towards stray animals, emphasizing his routine of feeding them daily with cooked food.

The vendor had devoted over 20 years to his chicken chop business, tirelessly working from as early as 8 am and running the stall from about 10 am until he sold out, often by 1 pm.

As the local community comes to terms with this shocking loss, they mourn the loss of a person known for his culinary skills and remarkable kindness.

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We are heartbroken over the tragic loss, and extend our deepest condolences to the family during this incredibly difficult time.

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