58yo M’sian Man Dies After Being Crushed By Rubber Tree In Kelantan

Rest in peace.
Yesterday (May 4), tragedy struck in Kampung Pangkal Danan, Kelantan as a village laborer lost his life in a horrifying incident.

A 58-year-old Malaysian man reportedly died after a rubber tree fell on him while he was cutting it down.

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Firefighters at the incident area of the deceased
Photo via Kosmo!

Man dies after being crushed by rubber tree

According to Kosmo!, the victim was discovered lifeless by his friend, who hurried to the scene upon noticing the continuous drone of the tree-cutting engine operated by the victim.

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The victim’s sister explained that he left his mother’s house around 7.30 in the morning to cut down rubber trees near a cemetery after breakfast. She learned about the incident from her uncle, who arrived early at the scene and was shocked to find the victim lying with blood on his head.

Furthermore, she stated that her brother died at the scene after being crushed by the rubber tree. The sister also noted that while the victim typically worked with a friend, he had been seen working alone for two days before the incident.

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She believes that the rubber tree fell on her brother’s head as he pulled it down after chopping it.


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