54 individuals compounded RM2K each for jogging and gathering at a bridge

How's FMCO ever going to end?

KLANG: A group of 54 individuals were fined RM2,000 each for violating standard operating procedures (SOPs) during the Full Movement Control Order (FMCO) at the Raja Muda Nala Bridge yesterday evening (June 13).

South Klang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Shamsul Amar Ramli said the team received numerous complaints from the public regarding activities at the said location.

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“A survey conducted at about 6 pm found that many of them had parked their vehicles near a stone barrier.

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“They were also jogging and hanging out at the Raja Muda Nala Bridge, which was closed,” he said in a statement today.

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Shamsul Amar added that all 54 individuals were issued a compound worth RM2,000.

“We were also assisted by the Selangor Police Contingent Headquarters (IPK) Enforcement Team in issuing the compounds,” he said.

In a video shared by a netizen, the group were attended to by the police one by one.

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Sources: Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS

Editor: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh