Son of M’sian Ice Delivery Truck Driver Secures 10As For SPM 2023

In a stunning display of academic excellence, 18-year-old Muhammad Izwan Hanif Ielaham achieved perfect scores in all 10 subjects of the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) 2023 examinations.

Ice delivery truck driver’s son scores 10As in SPM 2023

This exceptional student, hailing from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Inderapura, not only earned A+ grades in six subjects but also secured top grades in the remaining subjects, underscoring his dedication and hard work, reported NST.

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Muhammad izwan hanif ielaham (right), 18, the son of an ice delivery truck driver, achieved excellent results with as in all 10 subjects of the siji pelajaran malaysia (spm) 2023 examinations
Photo via NST

Muhammad Izwan’s academic prowess is particularly noteworthy given his background. The son of an ice delivery truck driver, he excelled with A+ grades in Bahasa Melayu, English, Pendidikan Islam, History, Mathematics, and Tasawwur Islam.

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Additionally, he received an A in Chemistry, Physics, and Computer Science, and an A- in Additional Mathematics.

Consistent revision and extra classes

Reflecting on his success, Muhammad Izwan shared several key strategies that contributed to his outstanding performance.

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Among these were his commitment to fully engaging in teaching and learning (PdP) in the classroom, showing respect to his teachers, maintaining consistent study habits, and attending extra classes.

“I also discuss studies with school friends, including during leisure time when school holidays, whether at my home or a friend’s. It helps strengthen my memory of the subjects. I also go to the library for revision.”

Involvement in co-curricular activities

He emphasised the importance of collaborative learning with friends, even during leisure times and school holidays, which helped reinforce his understanding of the subjects. Regular visits to the library for revision also played a significant role in his academic journey.

“Involvement in co-curricular activities has been essential in shaping my personality and boosting my self-confidence,” Muhammad Izwan remarked.

His participation extended beyond academics, as he represented the Jerantut district in state-level English language competitions, excelling in ‘Story Telling’ and ‘Spelling’ events.

‘I aspire to become a teacher’

Muhammad Izwan draws inspiration from his older sister, who is currently pursuing a degree in law.

Her dedication and achievements have motivated him to aim high. He aspires to become a teacher, viewing the profession as a noble form of worship through imparting knowledge to the next generation.

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“I aspire to become a teacher as a form of worship in imparting knowledge to children in the country.”

His father, Ielaham Hissin, 54, expressed immense pride and gratitude for his son’s remarkable accomplishments. The family’s joy and thankfulness reflect the collective effort and support that have been integral to Muhammad Izwan’s success.

Congrats Muhammad Izwan!

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