3yo M’sian Kid Dies Due To Heatstroke In Kelantan

Rest in peace.
Previously, tragic news emerged as a 22-year-old man succumbed to the recent heatwave in Malaysia.

Now, amidst escalating temperatures, another heartbreaking incident unfolds as a three-year-old Malaysian kid in Kelantan falls victim to heatstroke.

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Dead body
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3yo kid dies due to heatstroke

According to Buletin TV3, they stated that the young kid from Kelantan succumbed to death due to this heatstroke on April 1st.

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The National Disaster Management Agency (Nadma) reports that this incident is the second fatality linked to the scorching heatwave affecting the region.

They stated that the young kid from Kelantan succumbed to death due to this heatstroke on April 1st.

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Nadma’s monitoring efforts reveal a concerning trend, with the cumulative number of cases related to hot weather reaches 37 as of April 3.

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Among these cases, 10 were diagnosed as heatstroke, 26 as heat exhaustion, and one as heat cramps.

While two individuals are still undergoing treatment in hospital facilities – one for heatstroke in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and another for heat exhaustion in a general ward – others have received medical care and are on the path to recovery.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has been actively involved in providing necessary assistance and support to those affected by heat-related illnesses.

The geographical distribution of cases highlights the widespread impact of the heatwave, with states such as Perak and Kedah recording eight cases each, followed by Johor with five cases.

Negeri Sembilan and Sabah each reported four cases, while Selangor recorded three cases. Additionally, Perlis reported two cases, while Pahang, Pulau Pinang, and Kelantan each registered one case.

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As temperatures rise, it’s crucial for everyone to stay safe. Remember to drink plenty of water, find shade during the hottest parts of the day, and try to avoid strenuous outdoor activities when it’s too hot.


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