12yo M’sian Boy Dies Of Septic Shock Following Suspected Heatstroke In Kluang

Rest in peace.

The death of a 12-year-old boy in this district has no connection to heat stroke, said The Johor State Health Department (JKNJ).

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Father of the victim in Kluang thought his son was nauseated due to fever, but his assumption sadly was not the case. The boy passed away from complications unrelated to heatstroke, as initially assumed.

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According to NST, the boy was been distressed from fever without sweat, muscle spasms, vomiting, continuous urination, and defecating during last Sunday night, April 30.

The deceased, Airiel Syahren’s brother, Aidil and his mother were also feeling under the weather due to fever.

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Matters were not taken into consideration as of to the father, Syahrol Azmi Mohd Hekak’s, supposition. Later on, he suggested the three of them to sleep in the hall because of the “chilly” surrounding.

Septic shock experienced by the 12-year-old

“Anyhow, few minutes later I heard my son’s whimpers coming from the hall. He was palpitating and having seizures,” the father stated.

Following to the incident he witnessed he then called the emergency department of Hospital Kluang.

The hospital advised Syahrol not to give the 12-year-old anything to consume, let alone water and wait for the ambulance to reach.

As time went by the boy’s condition worsened. Progressively his body was becoming agitated as they were waiting for the ambulance. Not having his body in control, the boy then started rolling and hurling on bed while experiencing lewdness.

Victim suffered from meningoencephalitis

The Johor State Health Department (JKNJ) said the cause of death has been confirmed as Septic Shock secondary to Meningoencephalitis and due to not heatstroke.

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12yo m'sian boy dies of septic shock following suspected heatstroke in kluang
Photo via @The Star

The father expressed his misery in the form of words by mentioning that he had no heart to see the son in such state.

“I thought it would be better for him to depart and be relieved of the pain,” he added.

Airiel’s younger brother, Aidil Syahren, is now seemed to be in a stagnant and stable position at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Airiel was buried at the Kampung Bentong Islamic burial ground.

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