3yo M’sian Boy Fulfils Dream To Meet His Hero Who Works As A Garbage Truck Driver

Being a garbage collector or garbage truck driver isn’t the ideal job of most people as it’s a smelly and thankless job which also exposes one to public ridicule.

However, a three-year-old boy is breaking these stereotypes by forming a strong bond with a man who works as a garbage truck driver.

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Had a fascination for garbage trucks

Speaking to The Star about this unusual but sweet friendship, Gary Yeow said his son Tyler would often rush to the door whenever the garbage truck drove into their residential area in Taman Mutiara Rini, Johor, and wave at the workers.

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“He developed a strong fascination for heavy vehicles, particularly garbage trucks, during the Covid-19 pandemic. He’d also ask me to prop him up for a better view of the truck and watch as the garbage collectors do their job, come rain or shine,” he said.

However, Tyler’s ‘favorite’ was Azmi Kadir, who works as a garbage truck driver and often entertained him with amusing gestures.

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Got to meet garbage truck driver

Impressed by the workers’ dedication to their job, Gary said he sent the waste management company an email in late June to praise them, adding that it was a good opportunity to teach Tyler to appreciate those who took different jobs.

To his surprise, he was informed by the company that a few representatives, including Azmi himself, wanted to pay him a visit.

Tyler was overjoyed about meeting his hero. That morning, he quickly ate his breakfast and got ready before they came.

“During the meeting, he even showed Azmi his garbage truck toy model and posed for photos together,” he said.

This heartwarming event was later shared to the waste company’s Facebook page, where it said it was held to commemorate Global Garbage Man Day.

Touched by encounter

Gary told The Star that he was touched to see Azmi’s wife and daughter comment on the post, where they said they were proud of him and his work.

“This further shows that hard work – no matter the job – should be recognised.

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“I hope that society will have a more positive view towards such manual workers as they are also earning an honest living to feed their families and contribute to the country,” he said.

Such a heartwarming sight to see Tyler befriending Mr Azmi and his colleagues! Remember, all kinds of jobs deserve the same level of respect!


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