37yo M’sian Woman Saves 6 Lives By Donating Her Organs After She Passed Away

A true heroine.
While it’s never easy to say goodbye to a family member, one can take comfort in the fact that his/her passing can still be used to save the lives of others.

A young woman who passed away due to a rare medical condition in turn saved the lives of six other individuals after her family chose to donate her organs away.

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Became brain dead from air embolism

According to China Press, the woman, 37-year-old Wu Bimei (transliteration) began experiencing dizziness and vomiting in late October.

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Wu bimei
Photo via China Press

Upon further examination, doctors diagnosed her with air embolism, an extremely rare condition where air bubbles enters a vein or artery and causes a blockage.

After she was transferred to another hospital for treatment, Wu’s heart suddenly stopped but doctors managed to resuscitate her by performing CPR.

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Sadly, they discovered shadows in her brain which were due to a lack of oxygen, thus leading them to declare her brain dead.

Family agrees to donate organs

Doctors later suggested to Wu’s family that they donate her organs to those who needed it as she had passed away at such a young age and that her organs were still in a good condition.

Wu bimei's family at her funeral
Photo via China Press

Wu’s elder sister Wu Biyun (transliteration) told the Chinese daily that she was initially hesitant as she was doubtful about whether the recipients would treasure the donation.

However, when I thought about how the organ donation would allow my sister to live on in a different manner, I decided to go with it.

“Furthermore, the recipients have been waiting for a transplant for so long and now finally have a chance of living their lives again, so I believe that would value it deeply,” she said.

Wu’s mother Bo Mei Jiao and son Fang Chang Sheng (transliteration) also expressed support in donating Wu’s organs, with the latter saying that he is now considering becoming an organ donor too.

37yo M’sian woman saves 6 lives by donating her organs

Despite the family’s pain of losing Wu so early, they were deeply comforted to see that her pair of corneas, two kidneys, and liver was used to save six other lives in the process.

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Wu bimei's funeral
Photo via China Press

The operation took place successfully on Nov 2 and all six recipients have since witnessed improvements in their condition, which left Wu’s family deeply touched.

Bo told China Press that the organ donation was performed on the same day as the Goddess of Mercy’s birthday.

As such, we believe it’s a form of blessing and that our decision to donate her organs was the right one.

“Wu is known to be a loving person who was often concerned about the people around her. She also befriended a lot of customers while operating her traditional Chinese medicine business,” she said.

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Our condolences to Wu’s family and we’re glad to see the lives she managed to save by donating her organs!


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