37yo M’sian Woman Forced To Cut Off Her Limbs Due To Bacterial Infection

She spent RM1.04 million on medical expenses.
Life is unpredictable and often throws unforeseen challenges our way.

A Malaysian woman who was working in Singapore has tragically lost all four limbs and her life savings after a severe bacterial infection led to sepsis.

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Mother fixing dupe leg to her daugther
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

From Fever to Sepsis

According to the report, the 37-year-old who worked as a beautician began feeling unwell in October last year.

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Initially, she experienced a fever, stomachache, and general weakness. Despite visiting a doctor, her condition did not improve.

At first, she believed she had food poisoning and was prescribed medication by her doctor. However, during a follow-up visit, the doctor identified more serious symptoms and sent her to the emergency room, where she subsequently lost consciousness.

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When the woman from Ipoh regained consciousness in the hospital surrounded by her family, who had rushed to be by her side.

She was informed of her critical condition, with doctors advising her family to prepare for the worst.

Doctors diagnosed her with a bacterial infection that was progressively worsening.

Her heart was weak, and her brain was not receiving enough oxygen, putting her at risk of brain death.

Making A Difficult Decision

37yo m’sian woman forced to cut off her limbs due to bacterial infection | weirdkaya
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

To improve blood flow to her heart and ensure brain function, doctors suggested an injection, warning that it might lead to the loss of certain body parts.

Her family initially believed only her fingers might need to be amputated. However, as her limbs turned black, it became clear that all four limbs would need to be removed.

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The woman recalled, “I watched as my hands and feet turned black, became heavy, and felt out of control.”

Doctors informed her that the cells had died due to the bacterial infection, causing sepsis. Consequently, amputation was necessary to save her life.

Sepsis leg
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

She Spent RM1.04mil On Medical Expenses 

Lin underwent surgery to amputate her hands on 29 November and her legs on 19 December last year.

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The operations left her without limbs and drained her life savings, which amounted to RM1.04 million in medical expenses.

She further explained that she had to rely entirely on my sister for care, expressing gratitude for the support from her family and former employer.

“Initially, it was difficult to accept, and I avoided seeing my friends. However, their support has been crucial in helping me cope. I must remain strong and continue living.” she shared.

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Her mother mentioned about the importance of keeping a positive mindset.

She has started using prosthetic legs, which cost over RM52,000. Unfortunately, she can’t afford prosthetics for both her hands and legs, so she currently relies only on her prosthetic legs, paying for them in installments.

Staying Strong Despite Challenges

Despite her tragic circumstances, this woman remains determined to stay strong and appreciates the support from her family and friends during this challenging time.


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