36 Tourists Get Stuck 60m Midair At Revolving Tower In Melaka, No Injuries Reported

New fear unlocked.
A group of tourists were left fearing for their safety while suspended 60 metres off the ground after the 110-metre tall Menara Taming Sari revolving tower in Bandar Hilir, Melaka experienced a technical glitch.

36 tourists get stuck 60m midair for 30 mins

In a four-minute clip shared to the Facebook page Inforoadblock yesterday (July 2), it showed curious onlookers filming the incident and expressing concern as the tourists remained stuck at the tower.

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People capturing or recording the stuck 60m midair at revolving tower, melaka incident
Screenshot via FB/Inforoadblock

Several fire trucks were also present at the scene as firefighters worked to get all the tourists down from the tower.

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Tower had technical glitch, no casualties

Speaking to Kosmo, Menara Taming Sari Berhad CEO said that all 36 tourists, which comprised of 26 adults, 8 children, one senior citizen, and a disabled person were safely rescued without any injuries.

“The rescue team took immediate action by using support motors to lower the platform and all of them successfully evacuated to safety with the assistance of the fire department.

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36 tourists get stuck 60m midair at revolving tower in melaka
Screenshot via FB/Inforoadblock

“We have conducted an investigation and are awaiting a full technical report regarding the incident,’ he said.

Azlan added that the public does not need to worry about the incident and tower operations will continue as usual if inspections reveal no serious issues.

Meanwhile, Ayer Keroh Fire and Rescue Department Operations Commander Abd. Rahim Ismail said an emergency call was made at around 5:58pm via the MERS 999 emergency line.

A team of seven firefighters along with a vehicle and the Emergency Medical Rescue Service (EMRS) rushed to the location and rescued all the tourists within five minutes.

Bomba/ firemen arrived at revolving tower in melaka
Screenshot via FB/Inforoadblock

“The incident is believed to be caused by a malfunction in the tower system and we were concerned about the victims experiencing oxygen depletion as the incident reportedly occurred around 5:30pm before it was reported to the rescue team.

“The fire department helped ensure that the process of lowering the platform proceeded smoothly before the operation to rescue the trapped victims was carried out,” he said.

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Watch the incident here:

We’re glad that everyone was safe from the scary incident and kudos to the rescuers for saving them!


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