31 Cars Have Tyres Punctured By Sharp Metal Debris Scattered Along East Coast Highway

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A bizarre incident on the East Coast Expressway near Gambang resulted in 31 cars suffering tyre blowouts due to metal debris scattered on the road.

The troubling event occurred along the stretch of highway leading from Temerloh to Kuantan.

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Metal debris on the highway

The Facebook page “I Love Pahang” first reported the incident, indicating that around 20 vehicles initially encountered the sharp metal pieces that punctured their tyres, causing rapid deflation.

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Metal debris found on highway
Image via FB/I ♥ PAHANG
Warning about the debris
Image via FB/I ♥ PAHANG

The page shared images of the damaged tyres and the metal debris, which quickly caught the attention of concerned travellers and local residents.

31 cars affected

Responding to Sin Chew Daily, ANIH Berhad, the concessionaire responsible for managing the East Coast Expressway, confirmed that the total number of affected vehicles had reached 31 by the end of the day.

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The incident took place at the 84.5-kilometer mark on the expressway, heading towards Lanchang.

A spokesperson for ANIH Berhad stated that their traffic management team received a report of the debris at approximately 8:30 PM last night and promptly dispatched a cleanup crew to the site.

By the time the team arrived, several cars had already suffered from the hazardous conditions.

No malicious intent

The company clarified that there was no malicious intent behind the presence of the metal on the road.

Metal debris collected
Image via FB/I ♥ PAHANG

Preliminary investigations suggest that the debris may have fallen off an unidentified vehicle, which has not yet been traced.

ANIH Berhad has also filed a report with the police to investigate the matter further.

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As of now, efforts are being made to ensure that such incidents are prevented in the future, and the expressway remains safe for all motorists.

The company urged drivers to report any unusual objects on the road immediately to avoid similar occurrences.

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