3 Cars Lose Control And Slide On The Same Road, Intentional Sabotage Suspected

Drive carefully!
A video circulating on social media today shows three sedans lose control and slide on the same stretch of road, sparking allegations of intentional sabotage.

The incidents reportedly occurred along the route from Sri Andalas to Klang General Hospital and from Jalan Meru to downtown Klang.

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Cars lost traction and started spinning

The dashcam video posted on Facebook from the 15th of this month captured a chilling scene at around 1 AM.

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It shows the vehicle from which the footage was being recorded suddenly losing traction and spinning, ending up facing the opposite direction.

Suv lost control
Image via Marcus Tan

At the same time, two other vehicles can be seen skidding similarly on the video.

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Another vehicle, an SUV, managed to come to a halt without hitting any objects, but another sedan wasn’t as fortunate, crashing into the LRT embankment in a hazardous accident.

The local driving community is now being urged to exercise increased caution, especially at night, and to reduce speed when travelling through these high-risk areas.

Car hit embarkment
Image via Marcus Tan

Intentional sabotage?

This mysterious and hazardous situation has raised suspicions that local tow truck operators might be deliberately causing these incidents to drum up business.

Eyewitnesses claim that shortly after vehicles lost control and skidded, tow truck drivers conveniently appeared on the scene, quickly offering assistance and handing out business cards to the drivers involved.

As of the latest updates, the Klang South police district has not yet responded to the incidents

Watch the full video here:

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