M’sian With 3.95 CGPA Fails To Get Into Local Unis, Gets Accepted By 2 UK Unis Instead

He's still aiming to get into a local uni.

The issue of a lack of opportunities in education has long been debated among Malaysians whenever one is unable to get into local universities despite having stellar CGPA.

This subject was recently brought up again after a Malaysian with a CGPA of 3.95 in polytechnic took to Twitter to express his disappointment after he was rejected by public universities.

‘Not even one?’

In the tweet by Firdaus (@thefirdauslee), he posted three screenshots of his Polytechnic results, University Central Unit (UPU) application results and a notification from The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) informing him that he had been accepted by two UK universities.

Although most would be elated to be accepted by a UK university, Firdaus had little to be joyful over as his high CGPA results couldn’t land him a placement at a public university via UPU.

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“My result. UPU vs UCAS. I don’t get it what’s wrong with UPU. Not even one?

Read the tweet here:

Online reactions

Firdaus’ tweet has since garnered 14.6k likes at the time of writing, with netizen sharing their thoughts over the matter.

Some said that it was extremely difficult to get into public universities via UPU even if one had high scores.

M'sian with 3. 95 cgpa fails to get into local unis, gets accepted by 2 uk unis instead
Screenshot via Twitter

Others were more encouraging and urged Firdaus to try his luck at other local universities.

M'sian with 3. 95 cgpa fails to get into local unis, gets accepted by 2 uk unis instead
Screenshot via Twitter

Wishes to stay local

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Firdaus said that he still hopes to find a spot at a local university as Malaysia is his home country and believes that they are as good as those overseas.

I would be happy to get in UM or others like UMP, UKM, and UTHM.

When asked about his next step, Firdaus said he is appealing against the application results and waits for good news.

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He had also generously shared his journey in applying through UCAS on Twitter and even made a little guide for those who are interested in applying for universities in the UK.

We hope that Firdaus will be able to fulfil his academic dream and wish him all the best!


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