2yo Son Of M’sian Influencer Drowns In Pool While She & Her Husband Were Asleep

'No one wishes for such an accident to happen. Please allow baby Enzo to leave peacefully.'
Children, when left unattended, can oftentimes land themselves in dangerous situations which can lead to tragic consequences.

A local influencer was left grieving over the untimely passing of her young son after he made his way to the pool of a hotel and drowned while she and her husband were asleep.

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2yo son of M’sian influencer drowns in pool

Taking to Instagram to recount the heartbreaking incident, Jasmine Yong wrote that on May 11, she and her family stayed at a hotel to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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Prior to the tragedy, she wrote that her two-year-old son Enzo was lying on the bed with her and her husband Kvin Wang after drinking some milk. In the process, all three of them fell asleep.

When Jasmine and Kvin woke up, they discovered that Enzo wasn’t on the bed and began looking for him. They later found that the door leading to the indoor pool, which was previously locked, was left open.

Upon finding Enzo’s body in the pool, Jasmine immediately performed CPR on him but the young boy showed no response. She also added that she tried calling for an ambulance but couldn’t due to poor network.

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Her husband Kvin didn’t have much luck calling for assistance either as his attempts to get help was to no avail.

Jasmine and Kvin then brought Enzo’s body to the hotel lobby and asked the staff to call for an ambulance and help in giving emergency care.

Although Enzo underwent half an hour of resuscitation and regained his heartbeat, he remained unconscious and passed away on May 17.

Gave son a tearful farewell

Following Enzo’s passing, Jasmine organised a funeral procession to send him off and even drew a family portrait before turning it into a burnt offering.

An altar adorned with balloons as well as an array of biscuits, junk food, and drinks were also on display alongside a portrait of Enzo before he was cremated.

In the caption, Jasmine urged the public not to believe any rumours regarding Enzo’s death, adding that it wasn’t a complicated incident.

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“No one wishes for such an accident to happen. Please allow baby Enzo to leave peacefully,” she pleaded.

Our condolences to Jasmine and her family and we hope that Enzo will rest in peace.


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