22yo M’sian Student Sleeps With Lecturer Who Promised An ‘A’, But Gets Betrayed With Failed Paper

The ultimate betrayal.
For some students, getting an ‘A’ means the world to them and if it requires them to do something that goes against their moral beliefs, they would do so with the belief that it’s a small price to pay for academic success.

A young female student who was led on by a lecturer with the promise of getting a good grade if she became intimate with him was left regretting her decision after she received an ‘F’ grade instead.

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22yo M’sian student sleeps with lecturer to get good grades

According to an anonymous confession which was shared on X (formerly Twitter) as reported by mStar, the 22-year-old, who’s a student at an unknown university, said she wanted to score an ‘A’ for her Calculus paper.

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However, it came with a caveat: she must have an intimate relationship with a lecturer, who was a married man with three children and promised that he would give her the grade she wanted.
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Completely led on by the lecturer’s promise, the student did what he wanted and pursued a romantic relationship with him.

Given an ‘F’ for Calculus paper

Unfortunately for the student, instead of getting the promised ‘A’ grade for her Calculus paper after sitting for the examination, she received a failing grade.

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Needless to say, this left her deeply filled with regret and sadness over being tricked into giving her body to the lecturer who had no intention of holding his end of the bargain.

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She added that she initially wanted to report the incident to the university’s management but was too afraid and ashamed to let others know about it.

Among some of the comments that were written by netizens included some speculating that the lecturer had already planned on failing her from the start as all he wanted was physical intimacy at her expense.

Others also advised the student to cut off all contact with the lecturer and re-sit the paper instead.

Remember, it’s never worth it to ‘sell’ your self-worth in exchange for good grades because you’re way more valuable than that!


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