2 Foreign Workers Accused Of Trying To Kidnap 1yo M’sian Kid, Turns Out They Were Just Trying To Help

Netizens slammed the mother for leaving her child unattended.
A few days ago, two foreign workers were apprehended under the suspicion of attempting to kidnap a child, but it was later found out they were just trying to help.

This incident occurred in Klang, where the misunderstanding led to a tense moment in a supermarket.

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Unfolding of the incident

The incident began when one of the workers lifted a one-year-old girl while on an escalator, causing her mom to panic.

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Even though they quickly returned the child to her mother when they noticed her panic, the mother mistook their actions for an attempted kidnapping.

The men were then detained by bystanders and turned over to the authorities.

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2 foreign workers accused of trying to kidnap 1yo m'sian kid, turns out they were just trying to help | weirdkaya

Police clarified the situation

Posted by @redzuanNewsMPB, the situation was clarified by Selangor Police Chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan during a press conference.

He revealed that the two men, hailing from Nepal and residing in Malaysia legally, were regular customers of the supermarket and worked nearby.

Their intention was to aid the child, who they perceived to be in danger while trying to ascend a malfunctioning escalator, a decision they made without notifying the mother.

Security camera footage from the supermarket, analyzed from various perspectives, supported this clarification, showing no indications of an attempt to kidnap.

“I’ve reviewed CCTV footage from two perspectives showing the incident. The Nepalese men were at the supermarket when the child and her mother were using a broken escalator to go to the upper floor.” Said the police chief.

The police further confirmed the absence of any escape plan, suggesting that the incident was a misinterpretation, possibly influenced by cultural differences regarding the interaction with children.

Netizen’s reaction

This incident has led to public criticism of the child’s mother, not only for misjudging the intentions of the two men but also for her decision to let her daughter navigate a defective escalator, thereby endangering her safety.

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“What type of parents would instruct their 1-year-old to ascend a malfunctioning escalator alone? It’s no surprise the foreigners attempted to assist by carrying her, only to find themselves wrongly accused of kidnapping.”

Netizen comment on the incident
Screengrab via X/@redzuanNewsMPB

“In today’s age, we should be more self-centred and individualistic. Just wear headphones and mind our own business, because if we interfere to help, people may get angry and make various accusations.”

Comment be selfish
Screengrab via X/@redzuanNewsMPB

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