Foreign Worker Buys Mazda In M’sia After Bank Approves Loan In Just One Day

He earns over RM10,000 monthly.
Isn’t owning an imported car a dream for many? Well, it recently became a reality for a foreigner in Malaysia.

A foreigner from India, currently employed in Malaysia, astonished everyone by purchasing an imported Mazda. To add to the surprise, the bank quickly approved his loan in just one day.

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A family standing infront of a new car
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

Foreigner buys imported car in M’sia

According to Sin Chew Daily, this insight was shared by a car sales assistant on Xiaohongshu, a Chinese social commerce platform.

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He went on to describe how, one day, the foreigner visited to inspect the car. Satisfied with what he saw, he promptly paid the deposit and furnished the required documents.

Loan approved in just one day

What’s even more captivating is the quick approval of the car loan for this foreign worker by the bank, processed within just one day.

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“The amazing thing is that it only took the bank one day to approve his loan. You know, in Malaysia, even if you have a good income, it usually takes a few days to know the result of the loan.” the car sales assistant stated.

He earns a five-digit income monthly

It was then disclosed that the foreign worker earns over RM10,000 monthly. Originally from India, he had only been working in Malaysia for six months before purchasing the imported car.

In his post, the car sales assistant stated, “Many people hold the misconception that foreign workers in Malaysia are primarily engaged in menial tasks like mud plowing, construction sites, ditch washing, garbage dumping, and the like.

“However, he isn’t your typical foreign worker. He is employed in Malaysia, earning a five-digit income monthly,” he continued.

Despite earning a stable income, the foreign worker and his family exhibited a remarkably humble attitude during the car purchase.

“Throughout their interactions, they displayed modesty, not looking down on others merely because of their wealth. Such qualities are truly admirable.” the car sales assistant wrote in his post.

Regardless of his nationality and background, this foreign worker’s story proves that with determination and hard work, dreams can be achieved.


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