19yo M’sian Applicant Asks For RM5k Salary Despite Having No Work Experience

Oh My Gen Z...
There has long been a noticeable difference in working styles between Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Z. Here’s yet another example of this trend which might make you go wow.

Recently, an employer found himself caught off guard when a 19-year-old Gen Z newcomer boldly demanded a starting salary of RM5,000, despite having no prior work experience.

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Gen z having job interview
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Gen Z ask RM5k starting salary

Taking to his Facebook account, the employer shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp conversation he had with the Gen Z applicant, who asked for a RM5,000 starting salary despite having zero work experience.

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The conversation started when the applicant, born in 2005, expressed keen interest in the job opportunity, and then the employer asked him to provide his basic personal details.

When asked about his experience in editing or photography, the applicant disclosed his proficiency in creating TikTok videos, with expertise in techniques like slow motion, technical finesse, and crafting engaging quotations.

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Woman scrolling tiktok
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Canva.

Declined to show work samples

However, when asked to show examples of his work, the applicant said no and instead asked about the salary.

“How much is the salary?” the applicant asked.

In response, the employer explained the salary range, which varies from RM2,000 to RM5,000 depending on the candidate’s experience and skills.

But what followed next left the employer in shock.

After the employer explained the salary details, the applicant boldly asked whether he could receive a salary of RM5,000 for just five days a week.

By sharing this conversation online, the employer asked if any netizens could offer any help regarding this matter.

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