M’sian Gen Zs & Millennials Will Only Do The Minimum If Not Given High Salary & Work Flexibility

"It is just to send a message to employers that if you do not treat your workers well or appreciate them, this is what will happen eventually."
The way we think about work is changing, thanks to Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Z. Professor Mohd Awang Idris, an expert in Occupational Psychology at Universiti Malaya, says these younger generations have a different way of looking at work compared to older ones.

‘Don’t just become a work slave, sleep and rest’

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Professor Awang sheds light on a phenomenon gaining momentum in Western countries, particularly the United States, known as “quiet quitting.”

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“Quiet quitting describes employees fulfilling only the minimum job requirements, avoiding going above and beyond. It is about not becoming a work slave, sleep and rest. Just work as needed.”

It’s when people at work do only the basics and don’t bother doing anything extra. It might not seem like much, but it’s a pretty strong way for workers to say they’re not happy with their jobs.

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Treat your workers badly and they’ll lose interest

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Basically, “quiet quitting” represents a silent protest against working too much and burning out. Instead of being seen as a bad thing, Professor Adam Grant, a renowned academic, says it’s a strong message to employers: treat your workers badly, and they’ll lose interest, reported Sinar Daily.

“It is just to send a message to employers that if you do not treat your workers well or appreciate them, this is what will happen eventually.”

Professor Awang also says this trend is what they call ‘lying flat’ or ‘tidur terlentang’ in our language.

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It’s all about wanting control over your life and putting your well-being first instead of always focusing on work. And it shows that people are starting to see things differently, especially when it comes to mental health.

Millenials and Gen Z appreciate high salary and work flexibility

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So, here’s the scoop: Older generations were all about job security, but Millennials and Gen Z are more interested in getting bigger paychecks and having a good balance between work and life.

Why the change? Well, it’s partly because people nowadays are all about enjoying life and feeling fulfilled. Professor Awang thinks this shift means we’re moving away from just focusing on climbing the career ladder and toward a more well-rounded way of living.

Acknowledging these changing dynamics, Professor Awang hinks it’s important for job systems to change too. He’s all about having flexible ways of working. With more companies going for agile arrangements, it means they’re moving away from strict rules to more flexible ones.

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