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18yo M’sian Girl Bursts Into Tears Upon Receiving Her First Mobile Phone After SPM 

Awww... congratulations.

Do you remember when was the time you got your first mobile phone and how did you feel back then?

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A Malaysian student couldn’t contain her emotions upon receiving a smartphone as a gift from her father after completing the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examinations recently.

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In a video uploaded by her father on TikTok account @profmas_positive, his daughter, known as Nasuha. She screamed with joy when her father presented the brand-new iPhone to her.

18yo m'sian girl bursts into tears upon receiving her first mobile phone after spm  | weirdkaya
Screenshot from TT/ @profmas_positive

The clip shows that Nasuha couldn’t hold back her tears of happiness and emotional outpouring as she felt touched and unbelieving when finally owning a smartphone after completing her last SPM paper.

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“For 18 years, I’ve been waiting for my own phone. I’m holding my own phone now, this is my phone. I’m grown up now, can’t believe this is mine,” Nasuha said tearfully.

Some captions in the video show that this is how her parents treat all their children as her siblings were also given a mobile phone only after they had completed their SPM.

Brother sister also get phone after spm
Screenshot from TT/ @profmas_positive

Speaking to WeirdKaya, Prof. MAS shared his thoughts on not giving his children a mobile phone at a young age.

Nasuha is the 4th child out of 5 siblings. All my children do not have their own handphones until the end of SPM. After the end of SPM, I will buy according to the child’s suitability.”

He is thankful that all his children listened to him and his wife willingly as he believes that they could share cell phones with their parents when they were young.

All communication, WhatsApp groups and children’s school information in the parents’ mobile phone.”

However, understanding that the need for mobile phones during the COVID-19 pandemic is quite urgent, Prof. MAS bought a special mobile phone for the family.

Nasuha, Nurin, Aqilla and Yaya who were still in school at the time shared the same mobile phone for information and school discussion groups. No personal mobile phone until the end of SPM. Only after the end of SPM, I present the children with mobile phones. I love all my children.

The video has garnered over 1.6 million views, 166K likes, and 3.5K comments as of writing.

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Nasuha’s resilience in not getting a phone until 18 years old gained respect from netizens.

“Respect to you, enduring 18 years to get your own phone.”

Respect for enduring until 18yo - comment 18yo get phone
Screenshot from TT/ @profmas_positive

“Oh, I thought this kind of thing wouldn’t exist anymore… many already have phones even when they’re much younger… mad respect!”

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Mad respect - comment 18yo get phone
Screenshot from TT/ @profmas_positive

Some netizens praised her parents for not compromising to the norm of giving children a mobile phone at an early age nowadays to ensure their children’s success.

“Most who don’t have phones until SPM are usually sincere parents wanting to see their children succeed. Hey, I’m crying. Congratulations, may you succeed in this world and the hereafter.”

Sincere parents - comment 18yo get phone
Screenshot from TT/ @profmas_positive

Some were curious about what the 18-year-old had been doing during her free time over the years before getting a mobile phone.

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“All this while without a phone, what did she do…”

Doing what all these while - comment 18yo get phone
Screenshot from TT/ @profmas_positive

Watch the video here.

**Thanks to @profmas_positive for the willingness to share his story.

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