M’sia Ranked 2nd Happiest Country In Southeast Asia, Right Behind S’pore

Happy with my Malaysian food.
Malaysia has been crowned as the second happiest country to live in Southeast Asia, according to a 2024 analysis by CEOWORLD magazine.

This study delved into various aspects of what makes a country’s residents feel content, including:

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  • GDP per capita
  • Social welfare effectiveness
  • Health life expectancy
  • Freedom of choice
  • Generosity
  • Perception of corruption

Malaysia ranks 55th Globally

M'sia ranked 2nd happiest county in southeast asia, right behind s'pore
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Malaysia’s impressive performance in these categories earned it a score of 82.01, placing it 55th on a global scale.

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Singapore leads the pack in Southeast Asia, securing the 25th spot globally with a score of 87.74.

Following Malaysia, the list includes Thailand at 60th worldwide, Vietnam at 65th, the Philippines at 76th, Indonesia at 84th, Laos at 89th, Cambodia at 115th, and Myanmar rounding out the group at 117th.

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Additionally, it’s notable that the global context of happiness sees Finland leading the charge with a remarkable score of 95.67, closely followed by Denmark at 95.31, and Iceland at 95.29.

Recently, Malaysia was ranked as the number one country in the world for 5G consistency, achieving the highest 5G Consistency Score worldwide at 97.27%.

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