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16 China Tourists Left Stranded By Thai Tour Guides After They Complained Of ‘Boring’ Itinerary

The tour guide claimed the tourists refused to pay extra for activities outside of the schedule.
What was supposed to be an idyllic trip in the Land of Smiles turned into one of frowns for 16 tourists from China who were allegedly left stranded by their tour guides in Pattaya, Thailand.

According to The Thaiger, one of the tourists lodged a report with the Pattaya Tourist Police last Wednesday (Mar 22), where it was claimed that the group was abandoned by their tour guides in the Bang Lamung district.

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Once the officers reached their location, the tourists requested to return to the hotel and were escorted by the officers.

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16 china tourists left stranded by thai tour guides after they complained of 'boring' itinerary
Photo via The Thaiger

Tourists allegedly complained of ‘boring’ itinerary

When the tourists arrived at the hotel, the police contacted the travel agency and demanded an explanation from them.

A representative from the agency named Pannipa said the group had bought a travel package and arrived in Thailand on Mar 20, where they stayed for two days in Bangkok.

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However, one of the tourists complained about the itinerary being ‘boring’ and requested for a change in location while they were on their way to Pattaya on Wednesday.

When the group was told that they would have to fork out extra money for activities that were outside of the schedule, Pannipa claimed that they refused to pay.

16 china tourists left stranded by thai tour guides after they complained of 'boring' itinerary
Photo via 8World News

However, the tourists were still dissatisfied with the explanation and wondered why they were ditched by the tour guides, with one of them saying:

I don’t know why the tour guides left us. The two [guides] disappeared and did not inform us of anything. I did not see [their] tour guide licence card.

They told us that they are Thai people. They communicated in Chinese very well. Their names are Zhou Zhihao and Jia Jia. I also don’t know where my hotel is.

Following the incident, Pattaya tourist police officer Pitchaya Chiaopleung said that further investigations will be carried out.

16 china tourists left stranded by thai tour guides after they complained of 'boring' itinerary | weirdkaya
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Pexels

He added that the travel agency has been ordered to issue an official statement as it had portrayed Thailand’s tourism industry in a negative light.

This comes after numerous allegations accusing Thai tour agencies of targeting Chinese tourists by offering expensive packages or tricking them into illegal activities emerged.

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