14yo M’sian Teen Strangles 9yo Brother, Incident Was Witnessed By Mother On CCTV

A neighbour said the suspect was allegedly a victim of bullying.
In a shocking case of unpremeditated murder, a 14-year-old boy strangled his 9-year-old brother with his own bare hands at around noon in Kampung Bukit Piatu, Melaka yesterday (July 5).

To further add on to the horrific event, the entire incident was witnessed by their mother, who immediately called a neighbour to help check on them.

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14yo m'sian teen strangles 9yo brother, incident was witnessed by mother on cctv
Photo via Kosmo

14yo M’sian teen strangles 9yo brother

According to the neighbour, 31-year-old Qhurun Ain Johani, she told Kosmo that she received a call from the boys’ mother who had witnessed the suspect choking his younger brother.

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“At that time, their mother, who was working, contacted me to ask for help in checking on the siblings because she saw her older son choking the victim through a closed-circuit television (CCTV) recording streamed on her mobile phone application.

“As I entered the house, I screamed when I saw the older brother choking his sibling, who appeared pale and believed to be lifeless,” she said when interviewed at the scene.

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Qhurun ain johani
Photo via MalaysiaGazette

Qhurun added that the suspect seemed to be unaware of what he was doing towards his brother and she had to forcefully pry his hands away from the victim.

She also said the boys’ other two siblings were at school at the time of the incident and that the victim had stayed home with the suspect due to eye issues.

‘Never thought this would happen’

Qhurun said the incident has left her shaken as she said the suspect, who was the eldest sibling, was a well-mannered boy.

I never expected this incident to happen right before my eyes because the older brother was a well-behaved child.

14yo m'sian teen strangles 9yo brother, incident was witnessed by mother on cctv
Photo via NST

“However, he recently experienced trauma, where he claimed to be a victim of bullying at school and exhibited erratic behavior. But it was said that he had recovered after receiving treatment,” she said.

Meanwhile, Melaka Tengah district police chief Assistant Commissioner Christopher Patit said investigations are ongoing and that the suspect is currently under police custody.

He also urged the public not to make speculations about the case which may jeopardise investigations or hurt the victim’s family further.

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