[VIDEO] 140 houses at Janda Baik damaged by flash floods caused by heavy rain

Here we go again.

BENTONG – Residents at Janda Baik, Pahang, woke up to find their home submerged in floodwaters this morning after a two-hour downpour.

According to Kosmo!, heavy rains began to pour at 4am, leading to a total of 140 houses being damaged.

[video] 140 houses at janda baik damaged by flash floods caused by heavy rain | weirdkaya
Source via Kosmo!.

The flash flood has also affected the villages located at Kampung Janda Baik, Kampung Cheringin, Kampung Sum Sum, and Kampung Chemperuh.

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This is especially a hard hit for chalets and homestays in the area, which had barely recovered from the devastating floods late last year.

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A villager from Kampung Cheringgin, Ahmad Sabirin Abdul Rahim, told the Malay daily that the flood is one of the worst ever, where floodwaters quickly rose to waist level.

A video also showed strong currents of muddy waters sweeping through the entire village.

Watch the video here:

Thankfully, the floodwaters started to recede at 7am, allowing residents to begin cleaning up their homes.

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Cover image via Kosmo!.