10yo M’sian Girl Writes To Penang CM Asking For Playground Repairs, Has Wish Fulfilled After 4 Months

Swift response.
The playground is the place where children often spend their free time at and hang out with friends, but sometimes that isn’t possible when the playground is in disrepair.

One girl in Penang who was concerned about the state of a playground near her home decided to write a letter to the Chief Minister requesting for an upgrade and was delighted to have it fulfilled in just four months.

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10yo M’sian girl writes to Penang MB over playground

In a Facebook post written by Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow on Wednesday (June 28), he said that the caretaker government was delighted to fulfil 10-year-old K. Joanna Kristhina’s request in fixing a playground at Taman Chai Leng in Seberang Jaya.

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This all began with a letter which the girl wrote to both Chow and his deputy P Ramasamy, where she expressed her sadness in not being able to use the playground as her mother saw it as “child unfriendly”.

In the letter, Joanna wrote that bottles and furniture were ditched at the playground and that the stone bench was broken. She also mentioned that there were big trees which posed a risk to others and needed trimming.

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10yo m'sian girl writes to penang mb asking for playground repairs, has wish fulfilled after 4 months
Photo via Sin Chew Daily

She also asked for more lighting to be installed at the playground, like how Peacock Park was alit with colourful lights.

Towards the end of the letter, she invited both Chow and Ramasamy to pay a visit to the playground and give the necessary help along with a drawing of them before signing off with “thank you” and “I love Penang”.

Playground upgraded within 4 months

Little did Joanna know that her letter, which was written on Feb 11, 2023, would eventually cause her wish to come true within four months.

According to the state government’s bi-weekly magazine, Buletin Mutiara, it reported that both the playground and basketball court were given a makeover and is now open for public use.

Chow also praised Joanna for penning the letter, saying that it was every child’s right to speak their mind.

10yo m'sian girl writes to penang mb asking for playground repairs, has wish fulfilled after 4 months
Photo via Buletin Mutiara

This is something to be emulated as when you have the courage to ask for something, you will be able to receive it.

“I hope that this would be seen as an inspiration for the children to voice their concerns or suggestions, be it at school, home or through letters to their respective assemblymen, councillors or even the mayor,” he said.

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