1-Month-Old Baby Found Abandoned In Front Of Shoplot In Subang Jaya

Subang Jaya ADUN Michelle Ng called for compassion to be shown.
Having children can be a source of joy for many families, but it is also a huge responsibility that comes at a great financial and personal cost.

As such, some are forced to abandoned their own children for the sake of survival due to financial constraints or unfortunate circumstances.

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1-month-old baby found abandoned in Subang Jaya

A baby boy which was barely a month old was found abandoned in front of a shoplot in Subang Jaya yesterday morning at USJ Court 4 (Mar 5), reported Harian Metro.

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The case also caught the attention of Subang Jaya assemblywoman Michelle Ng, who took to Facebook to share the incident.

In the post, she said the baby was around a month old and was left abandoned along with bag containing an adult-sized shirt, a pair of socks, a pair of mittens, and a headscarf.

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“This suggests that the mum and/or dad comes from an underprivileged background,” she wrote.

Called for compassion from police & public

Ng also wrote in the post urging the police to take a compassionate stance when investigating the case, saying that the child’s mother could be going through physical upheaval after giving birth.

The first 3 months is the most difficult time for parents, especially a mum. She has to heal, learn to take care of a newborn, breastfeed, deal with fluctuating hormones and lack of sleep.

“There is a possibility that the mother might be going through postpartum blues or depression,” she said.

Ng also called upon Malaysians not to be quick to pass judgment on the child’s parents and instead put themselves into their shoes.

“The system should not be quick to judge. We need consider how we can help or support mums and/or dads in such circumstances.

“I stand ready to walk together with the authorities in order to achieve the best outcome for the mum and/or dad and child in this case.”

Meanwhile, Ng had much praise for the community leaders who stepped in to take care of the baby when he was first found.

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“They got milk and suitably sized clothes for the child, and called the authorities so that next steps can be taken.

“I would also like to recognise the paramedics of SJ Beacon, Subang Jaya’s Ambulance, for responding in 4 minutes and managing the case expertly, and hospital staff who are providing the baby top notch care,” she wrote.


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