“You die, I die, everybody die” Netizen pleads with Malaysians to follow COVID-19 SOPs

Be responsible, dear Malaysians.

PENANG – As COVID-19 cases in Malaysia continue to break new records, Malaysia is one step closer to losing total control of the pandemic.

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Yesterday (May 19), netizen Erin Lim shared how medical frontliners were struggling in the fight against COVID-19.

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Penang Government Hospital (Image via Ibanding)

In a lengthy Facebook post, Erin began by saying how she had to go to and fro the Penang General Hospital for her mother’s cancer treatment.

She noted that back when COVID-19 cases were still under control, the staff were doing everything they could to keep the hospital safe.

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“You will see janitors everywhere, constantly cleaning everything, all the time. You will see hand sanitizers everywhere at the hospital. You will see very strict ward visitation procedures enforced by the security guards.”

However, as the numbers began to soar, Erin noticed that the hospital was starting to crumble under the pressure.

“It’s still under control, but we’re starting to see signs of overcapacity.”

Due to an overload of cases, Erin’s mother had to be transferred to the Gynaecology ward with only three beds as the original ward was filled with COVID-19 patients.

The doctors were also required to move to a temporary “office”, where they scrambled to set it up by pulling a few tables together.

"you die, i die, everybody die" netizen pleads with malaysians to follow covid-19 sops
The staff setting up their “office” (Image via Fb/Erin Lim)

“Seeing how confused the doctor was trying to set up the computer at their new desk with all the wires, my mother asked me to go help. “

Thankfully, the doctor managed to kick start the computer in time and everything proceeded smoothly.

Erin said that the purpose of her story was to spread awareness about the dangers of losing the battle to bring COVID-19 under control and urged everyone to abide by the SOPs.

“The doctors, nurses, security guards & janitors are all working very hard at the hospital to keep it as safe as possible for everyone, so please work very hard to keep them & our country safe too.”

Read the full post here:

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Sources: Fb/Erin Lim, Ibanding

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