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Yoshinoya Hanamaru in Midvalley ceases operation after 7 years, set to exit Malaysian market completely

Another one bites the dust.

Throughout the pandemic, many believed that large franchises would be untouched by the crushing economic downturn. However, it’s quickly turning out not to be the case anymore.

WeirdKaya previously reported that F.O.S Midvalley Megamall announced its decision to cease operation after 22 years.

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Sayonara, Malaysia!

Now, the famed Japanese franchise Yoshinoya Hanamaru is the next one to bite the bullet after it decided to bid farewell to the Malaysian market. Nooooo!

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A largely empty yoshinoya hanamru at midvalley megamall in january of this year. Photo:weirdkaya
A largely empty Yoshinoya Hanamru at Midvalley in January of this year. Photo:WeirdKaya

According to CTOS, Yoshinoya Hanamru first stepped foot into Malaysia in December 2014 and launched its flagship outlet at Midvalley Megamall not long after.

It's outlet at midvalley megamall.
Source: HYPE My

However, WeirdKaya did a quick check on its official website and found that all content had been deleted except for a sentence that read “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT“.

Yoshinoya website
Yoshinoya’s website wiped clean.

A further check on Yoshinoya Holdings’ website also revealed that Malaysian market has ZERO existing stores.

Screenshot from yoshinoya global store

Gone too soon for Yoshinoya Hanamaru

A Tweet dating back to July revealed that Japanese restaurant Setagaya, which was part of Yoshinoya Hanamaru, had decided to call it quits.

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The Twitter account further claimed that Yoshinoya had closed down during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period.

Sharp-eyed netizens also noticed that Yoshinoya’s official Facebook account had gone off the grid since March.

Yoshinoya Holdings announced last year that it would be shutting down 150 of its 3,300-plus outlets in its current fiscal year through the month of February, citing the pandemic as the main factor.

All in all, Thank you Yoshinoya for your service! ありがとうございました!

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