“Women need to act ‘stupid'” Prof Muhaya’s misogynistic remarks draws immense backlash

An unpopular opinion indeed.

A professor’s comments on why women are getting married much later have made rounds on social media, earning the ire of netizens in the process.

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In the 56-second video, Datuk Prof Dr Muhaya Mohamad, who is also an eye surgeon and motivational speaker, said that women should stop trying to compete in being better than men.

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She defended this logic by saying that men prefer women who are ‘gentle’ and ‘effeminate’.

“We women value men for their strength and leadership. No matter who your husband is, he is still your imam.”

She also claimed that men would always occupy coveted roles in the workplace, even if has female employees or high ranking officers.

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Prof Muhaya advised women to not focus on “liberating themselves and trying to be on equal footing with men”.

“This is because you would be busy satisfying your husband’s needs and increasing his libido.

“As for the singles, this is why you’re getting married late.”

Prof Muhaya then ended the video by saying that a woman needs to be a little ‘stupid’.

“Men like women who are gentle, have high hormonal levels, ask for help often, and act a little stupid.”

Netizens did not hold back in expressing their thoughts about the video, with most condemning Prof Muhaya for her misogynistic statements.

One wrote that getting a life partner and acting stupid was unrelated.

there’s nothing wrong with jodoh lambat compared to we women need to acah acah bodoh for men??? I strongly disagree with prof muhaya
— ur mom sofea (@suekamall) June 9, 2021 | Twitter

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Another netizen commented that being an independent woman does not equate to degrading a man’s dignity.

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