M’sian Woman Threatens To Sue Starbucks After Staff Wrote Her Name As ‘Babi’

What a difference a letter can make.
If you’ve been to Starbucks before, you will definitely understand the struggle of having your name being misspelled despite explaining the spelling multiple times.

A woman was left shocked and angry after a staff at a Starbucks outlet in Sunway Medical Centre wrote her name as a derogatory term smack right on the cup.

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M’sian woman threatens to sue Starbucks over ‘babi’ word

In a Facebook post uploaded by a woman named Bavitra Ramachandran yesterday (May 15), she expressed her anger at the Starbucks staff who wrote her name as ‘babi’ (pig), a term that’s usually used as an insult.

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She also tagged Starbucks Malaysia and two of its outlets in the caption and demanded that action be taken over the fiasco.

Starbucks Malaysia, I’m going to sue you! Starbucks Sunway Medical Centre (and) Starbucks Sunway Velocity Mall, impossible that your Malay staff doesn’t know there is no human name that starts with ‘babi’!

A joke or honest mistake?

In the comment section, netizens had dividing opinions on the matter, with some supporting Bavitra’s threat against Starbucks Malaysia and others suggesting that it could’ve been a joke.

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One called for Bavitra to go ahead with her lawsuit against the company, saying that the staff had no right to demean her name even if they misheard it.

M'sian woman threatens to sue starbucks after staff wrote her name as 'babi' comment 1
Screenshot via Facebook

Another suggested that she shouldn’t have mentioned her name in short form, but Bavithra said her husband even spelt her name out to the staff clearly.

M'sian woman threatens to sue starbucks after staff wrote her name as 'babi' comment 2
Screenshot via Facebook

Another who shared the same name with Bavitra expressed sympathy for her, saying that this wasn’t the first such a blunder had occurred.

M'sian woman threatens to sue starbucks after staff wrote her name as 'babi' comment 3
Screenshot via Facebook

WeirdKaya have contacted Bavitra for comment on the matter and we will update the article once we receive a reply.

What do you think of the incident? Let us know in the comments!


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