M’sian Woman Charged RM2K For Electricity After Using Aircond 24 Hours At 16°C Everyday

She's now applying for solar panel installation.
How much does your monthly electricity bill cost? RM100-200? Well, someone is paying 10 times the price.

A woman shared on social media that due to the hot weather, she keeps her home air conditioning on nearly 24 hours a day, maintaining a constant temperature of 16 degrees Celsius, which results in an average monthly electricity bill of RM2000.

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Rose Tiara, the founder of a local beauty brand, recently shared on her Facebook about her electricity expenses, stating that she cannot stand the hot weather, thus she keeps her air conditioning on all the time and sets the temperature to the lowest at 16 degrees Celsius.

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In her post, the woman wrote that her current electricity bills are higher than her mortgage payments, so she is seriously considering installing solar panels at home to reduce the electricity costs.

The woman also showed her electricity bill on her smartphone, which totalled more than RM5000, a shocking amount.

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Rose tiara rm2k electricity bill
Photo via FB/ Rose Tiara

However, she further explained that the total amount of more than RM5000 is not for one month’s electricity use but due to accumulated arrears. In fact, her household’s monthly electricity bill is around RM2000.

From the photo she shared, it is evident that her outstanding electricity bill amounts to RM3759, and with the latest bill at RM2072.73, the total comes to RM5831.75.

The woman commented in response to some netizens that the electricity bill she shared was for her residence, which has eight air conditioners ranging from 1 to 3 horsepower each, as well as one refrigerator, one washing machine, one television, and more.

8 aircond
Screenshot via FB/ Rose Tiara

However, she mentioned that her average monthly electricity bill ranges from RM1100 to RM1800, indicating that her household’s electricity usage has always been high.

Average bill rm1. 1k to rm1. 8k
Screenshot via FB/ Rose Tiara

As a solution, she has decided to install solar panels at home and has already registered with the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia.

I hope that after installing solar panels, my home electricity bill can be reduced to RM1000,” she wrote. 

The post has attracted many netizens’ attention, garnering more than 2.4k reactions, more than 700 comments and 393 shares as of writing. See the post here.

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Many netizens jumped in to offer suggestions to Rose Tiara on reducing her electricity bill, including setting the air conditioning temperature between 24 and 26 degrees Celsius.

However, Rose Tiara emphasised that she will continue to keep the temperature at the lowest setting of 16 degrees because she wants to maintain the coolness inside her home in the edited caption.

Nonetheless, some netizens thought that Rose Tiara showing off her expensive electricity bill was a new way to flaunt wealth, to which Rose Tiara responded that it depends on how you view the situation.

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Looks like showing off wealth
Screenshot via FB/ Rose Tiara

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