M’sian woman offered RM5,000 by pervert to watch him masturbate

Many have alleged to be harassed by him too.

A woman has taken to Twitter to warn other females of a man who allegedly offered her RM5,000 to watch his masturbate.

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In the thread on June 21, Janna, who goes by the handle @r0sethang, shared how the conversation with the man quickly turned ugly after he approached her on Instagram.

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If this man follows you, please don’t follow back! Report straight away. Help me share this post so other girls won’t fall victim.

Offered money to see him masturbate

According to Janna, the sexual harassment began when she responded to his cry for “help”.

However, things took a horrifying turn when she realised that his cry for “help” was actually she getting paid RM2,000 to see him masturbate.

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She added that this was her first time encountering such an incident as she never expected things to escalate so quickly.

After rejecting his advances, the man raised the amount to RM5,000 in hopes that Janna would accept his lewd request and promised that it would be a secret between the both of them.

He also admitted to making the same request to those who had accepted the payment.

Janna then tried advising her harasser to invest his energy on something more useful but he kept pressuring her to have a video call with him, thus leading her to block him on Instagram.

Not his first victim

Shortly after Janna’s tweet went viral, several other women came forward and said that they were harassed by the same man too.

One wrote: “I kena from him 2 weeks ago.”

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Another wrote: “Yes, he’s really sick” along with a screenshot of the conversation he had with her.

Others also claimed that the man had been sexually harassing women since last year under the same name but different profile picture and payment amount.

Photo via Twitter/r0sethang

Be careful of who you interact with online and block suspicious individuals immediately!

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