M’sian Woman Forced To Sleep At Mosque With Her 2 Kids After She Was Ditched By Her Husband

Her husband married another woman.

Relationships between the parents will always affect the life and happiness of their children.

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A pair of young children were forced to seek refuge in a mosque with their mother after their father remarried and severed ties with his original family.

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The incident unfolded late one evening after the Tarawih and Tadarus prayers when the mother, desperate and with nowhere else to turn, approached a Ustaz at the mosque, seeking permission for her and her children to spend the night.

The Ustaz took to Facebook to tell the story about this family and how the community came together to help.

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With only a single blanket for warmth, the family’s plight was both urgent and heartrending. The Ustaz, deeply moved by the mother’s dire situation, learned that the family had been abruptly evicted from their rental home.

Woman and 2 children seeks refuge at mosque
Photo via FB/ Abu Hamizan

To compound their misfortune, the husband had recently married another woman and abandoned his first family, leaving them destitute and without support.

The family’s predicament was exacerbated by their isolation from relatives, with their closest kin residing far away in Selangor.

This revelation prompted immediate action within the mosque community, spearheaded by the compassionate response of the Ustaz and others.

They were particularly struck by the harsh reality that the mother had to face: the betrayal by her husband, the struggle to protect and provide for her children alone, and the desperation that led her to seek shelter in a place of worship.

In response to the family’s emergency, the community pooled resources to provide financial assistance.

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This included funds for bus tickets to ensure the family could travel to relatives in Selangor and money for food to address their immediate needs.

This collective effort underscored the community’s commitment to upholding the values of empathy, support, and kindness towards those in distress.

In his ending note, Abu called out the irresponsible man for abandoning his wife and children.

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“I pray that Allah opens a way out for her and her children from the problems they are facing now. To the men who neglect their responsibilities as husbands and fathers, remember! Allah’s retribution is neither late nor early.”

The story, which gained attention on social media, has highlighted broader societal issues related to family abandonment and the responsibilities of individuals towards their dependents.

As of writing, the post has garnered 11k reactions, 11k shares and 1.1k comments with many expressing their pity and blessings to the family of 3.

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