Woman’s Baby In Womb Goes ‘Missing’ After Giving A Ride To A Mysterious Grandma

Strangest encounter yet.
All of us have mysterious experiences that we have faced; it is inexplicable and often discarded to a side as an imagination or for it becomes a spooky story to tell to everyone. As Southeast Asians hearing spooky stories is a regular thing but this case takes the cake.

A woman in Jakarta has claimed her baby in womb went ‘missing’ after she gave a ride on her motorcycle to a mysterious grandma, one late evening.

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In a recent Tiktok video shared by user @zaitunmoramil, the woman explains that her parents advised her against going out after maghrib/ late evenings and staying home considering she’s pregnant.

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X-ray photo of baby inside m'sian woman's womb
Screenshot via Tiktok @zaitunmoramil

“Despite the advises, I did go out after maghrib as I have some things to handle” she said.

While on her way to her destination, she says a mysterious old lady stops her to request a lift on her motorcycle. Seeing that the person requested is an old lady, she accepted and gave the stranger a ride.

‘She was easy to talk to’

M'sian woman shares how her baby went 'missing'
Screenshot via Tiktok @zaitunmoramil

Interestingly, after the old lady got off at a dark and lonely roadside, she stopped answering and stood quietly when asked about her house’s location.

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The pregnant woman found it strange as the road is a dead end and there’s no houses to be found nearby.

Woman’s baby in womb goes ‘missing’ after giving a ride to a mysterious grandma | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Tiktok @zaitunmoramil

Doctor said the woman’s womb is empty

A week after this incident, the woman felt uncomfortable as she felt something was wrong with her baby and booked an appointment with the gynaecologist.

“I was shocked, devastated and scared when the doctor told me that my womb is empty. If I’m not mistaken, the medical term for it is blighted ovum,” she said.

M'sian woman visits gynaecologist
Screenshot via Tiktok @zaitunmoramil

Blighted Ovum is when a fertilised egg that’s implanted in uterus lining doesn’t grow into an embryo despite triggering all the early pregnancy symptoms.

It would eventually lead to a miscarriage in the first trimester. 

Though the mystery could be easily explained by medical terms, the devastation of a mother finding out her womb is empty is heavy.

Especially when the pregnant woman faced a mysterious experience with an equally strange old lady.

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Will we really know if the old lady got back home safely or is she still roaming the roads asking someone else for a lift?

You can watch the Tiktok here!


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