“Wished It Never Happened” – Penang Shop Owner Hopes The ‘1-By-1’ Fight Didn’t Affect Racial Harmony

Make peace with each other 1 by 1.
The viral uncle and shop owner who gained widespread attention from the 1-by-1 incident said that if he could choose, he wished the fight had never happened.

Talking to BFM in an interview, the uncle recounted the aftermath of the fight and revealed that he hoped none of it had happened.

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Detained for 2 days

Detained for 2 days
Image via FB/BFM

On the night the 1-by-1 clip went viral online, Goh admitted he couldn’t sleep well, not due to joy from the unexpected fame, but from the turmoil that ensued.

Just as he thought he could take a break, Goh and the man in the white singlet were detained by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

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“I was detained on Thursday night and only released on Saturday evening. I couldn’t sleep at all,” Goh recounted spending several nights in jail.

Hope it never happened

Wish it never happened
Image via FB/BFM

Reflecting on the incident, Goh expressed regret and wished he could turn back time to prevent the physical fight.

“No 1-by-1, no helmets, no winners, no losers. I just want to live my life as a store owner,” he said.

Goh, known for his love of cats, urged Malaysians, especially those trained in martial arts, to avoid engaging in fights.

“That’s not how we martial artists behave. This viral incident has nothing to do with race or alcohol. It’s purely about someone’s personality,” he clarified.

Maintain harmony

Gentleman make peace
Image via FB/WeirdKaya

As a businessman, Goh emphasized his desire not only to sustain his business but also to maintain harmony with his customers.

He also mentioned that he hopes the incident would not affect the racial harmony in Malaysia.

The matter has since been resolved after PDRM facilitated a reconciliation between both parties. Interestingly, the man in the white singlet appears to have gained success following the viral incident.

Watch the full interview here:

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