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‘Why 40th Floor, Not 3A0?’ – M’sian Scratches Head Over Elevator Button Showing The Forbidden Number ‘4’

Imagine living on the 3A3A floor.
In Malaysia, a curious individual has raised a compelling question regarding the conspicuous absence of the number “4” on lift buttons in a video he shared online.

The video reveals an elevator serving a building with approximately 50 floors, where each floor associated with the number “4” has been replaced with “3A”.

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“You see, the 4th floor is 3A, the 14th floor is 13A, the 24th floor is 23A and the 34th floor is 33A.” He says while showing the elevator button.

13a button
Image via IG/arep.mizan

The 40th floor

However, from the 40th to the 50th floor, the number “4” remains unchanged, prompting the individual to question,

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“Shouldn’t it be 3A0, 3A1, 3A2, 3A3, and so forth?” He asked.

43 floor button
Image via IG/arep.mizan

Speaking to WeirdKaya, the person who posted the video noted that the elevator is located in an apartment complex in Setapak.

He explained that he does not have a Chinese friend to inquire about the significance of the number “4” and its avoidance, leading him to seek explanations online.

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Netizen Reaction

Of course, the netizen wouldn’t let the chance slip to poke fun at the situation, leaving witty remarks in the comments section.

“Floor 1 to 39 is a Chinese project, and 40 onwards is Malay’s project.”

Comment cina malay hybrid

“Floor 44 should change to 3A3A!”

Comment 3a3a floor

“Type C (Chinese) problem.”

Comment type c problem

Watch the full video here:

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